The Role of the Coach

The Role of the Coach

Who makes a good coach?

Before discussing the part a coach plays in the promotion of cricket and cricketing skills, it is perhaps pertinent to consider who would be a good coach. When looking at the wide variety of experience and background among the men and women who do so much to help young players with their game, one is led to believe that there is no hard and fast rule.
All shapes and sizes, good players and very ordinary players, twenty-year-olds and seventy-year-olds can coach cricket.
Two qualities, however, are inevitably found in good coaches. They have a profound caring for the game of cricket and an unquenchable enthusiasm to communicate that feeling to others.
If that is a positive point, a negative observation is that good players do not necessarily make good coaches. It is true to say that two individuals with equal aptitude for coaching, the person with the playing record is likely to find the job easier. On the other hand, the better players very often find it difficult to analyze their skills and instruct others how to acquire them. Very often it is the average player who works at his/her game that finds it easier to help others. If it is perfectly natural to stroke a half volley just outside off-stump through the covers for four, no deep thinking is required. If, however, one has to play the shot safely and effectively, then he/she will no doubt absorb a greater understanding of the mechanics. Until the basics have been grasped, there is little chance that any individual will be able to help others to learn the game.
  1. The main function of the KFC Mini-Cricket coach is to see that the fun and entertainment aspects are maintained at all times.
  2. Minimise talk, maximize action.
  3. Minimise criticism, maximize praise and encouragement.
  4. Always keep discipline, organization, safety, and correct handeling of equipment in mind at all different KFC Mini-Cricket sessions.
  5. Do not over coach – teach one aspect at a time.
  6. Encourage parent involvement.
  7. Be enthusiastic so as to encourage youngsters to follow.
  8. Be on the lookout for talented youngsters. 
  9. Give kids wings to fly and roots to grow.

Date:7 June 2011

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