Streetwise Value Box

A delicious chicken patty, served with shredded lettuce and Colonel dressing on a warmed bun, with 2 Succulent winglets breaded in our hot Zinger breading to give you the delicious hot flavour you love, cooked to crispy-brown perfection and a small portion of chips, crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.

*Add a Small Soda Fountain Drink for R5. Terms and Conditions Apply*

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  • ICM1136
    R24,90 Streetwise Value Box


Energy 2627 (kJ)
Protein 27.9 (g)
Carbohydrates 66 (g)
Total Fat 27.1 (g)
Saturated Fat 10.6 (g)
Mono Unsaturated Fat 10.4 (g)
Poly Unsaturated Fat 6.2 (g)
Trans Fatty Acids 0.2 (g)
Cholesterol 64 (mg)
Sodium 1411 (mg)
Potassium 710.8 (mg)
Iron 2.1 (mg)
Calcium 102.1 (mg)
Vitamin A 0 (RE)
Vitamin C 11 (mg)
Total Dietary Fiber 4.9 (g)
Sugar 3.0 (g)